KoCosmo - Your online Korean beauty store based in Amsterdam.

It only took us a couple trips to Seoul and the famous MyeongDong district to realise that K-Beauty isn’t a myth and for KoCosmo to be born.

Korean Skincare MyeongDong District

So why Korean skincare products?

Korean Skincare is taking over the global cosmetics market, setting new trends and coming up with the latest innovations. The demand for skincare products in Korea is so high that all companies strive and compete to find the best formulas while keeping costs in line with the rest of the market.

Korea’s Research and Development chemists have gone far beyond any other countries, going away from chemicals and focusing on more natural, organic, and vegan ingredients.

Needless to say that all our products are CPNP certified meaning that they are all compliant with and approved by European standards.

Our mission

Offer your skin a tailored solution for a healthy glow. We embrace differences and recognise different skin types and skin conditions. We want to help you create a skincare routine perfect for you and only you. Each skin is unique and it requires a unique touch. At KoCosmo we care about you!


By helping you understand your skin and how to use the 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine for a radiant, fresh and forever young looking skin! Sharing knowledge is key to find what works best for you. We are not here to push a product because it's the next hype.

Who we work with

We promote brands that are health conscious, share our values and devotion to finding the best Ingredients and to create qualitative products.

Our values

Honesty: Be ourselves and true to others
Energy: Be enthusiastic and open to what the world has to offer
Self-Love: Be kind to ourselves
Gratitude: Thank ourselves for the small things

Our slogan: Be the best of you!

We believe that beauty is made of imperfection and we care about a supportive community boosting each other's confidence.

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